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24 maj, 2023
Strange star system may hold first evidence of an ultra-rare ’dark matter star’

6 maj, 2023
Scientists Say They’ve Finally Solved Stephen Hawking’s Black Hole Paradox

26 april, 2023
How the Big Bang model was born

23 april, 2023
Is Time Travel Possible?

20 april, 2023
This String Theory ”Star” Looks And Acts Exactly Like a Black Hole

17 april, 2023
Gravity can transform into light, mind-bending physics paper suggests

13 april, 2023
Understanding the Higgs Mechanism — How Particles Acquire Mass

11 april, 2023
Bizarre object 10 million times brighter than the sun defies physics, NASA says
BREAKING: For the First Time EVER Physicists observe ’negative mass’
Colliding Neutron Stars Created a Sphere So Perfect It’s Shocked Physicists
Gravitational waves could reveal hidden histories of black holes
The impossibility of dying according to quantum physics- Explained

10 april, 2023
Scientists discover possible connection between human brain and cosmos on a quantum scale

9 april, 2023
According to science, time doesn’t exist (but that’s okay)
Scientists Discover A Multidimensional Universe Inside The Human Brain
Scientists discover possible connection between human brain and cosmos on a quantum scale

7 april, 2023
Quantum computers can’t teleport things—yet

6 april, 2023
Energy Jet Traveling 7 Times The Speed of Light Appears To Break The Laws of Physics
Everything You Need to Know About the Multiverse
New Spin on Famous Physics Experiment Shows Light Interfering With Its Own Past

5 april, 2023
2 merging supermassive black holes spotted at ’cosmic noon’ in early universe
Ingredients for life discovered in Perseus molecular cloud in space 1,000 light-years from Earth

4 april, 2023
Turns out “Nothing” doesn’t exist. Instead, there is “quantum foam”

2 april, 2023
Scientists Defy Physics, Pulling Energy Straight Out of Thin Air

29 mars, 2023
The largest black hole ever discovered can fit 30 billion suns. We found it with gravity and bent light

23 mars, 2023
Scientists Finally Manipulate Quantum Light, Fulfilling Einstein’s 107-Year-Old Dream

9 mars, 2023
Even with quantum entanglement, there’s no faster-than-light communication

21 december, 2022
Quantum Experiment Breaks Reality By Seeing Two Versions Of Reality Existing At The Same Time

12 december, 2022
Groundbreaking Discovery: Human Brain builds structures in 11 dimensions

28 november, 2022
New controversial theory: Past, present, future exist simultaneously
Physicists: We Are On The Verge Of Discovering Fifth Dimension And It Will Change Everything We Know About Physics
Scientists Successfully Sent A Particle Back in Time Using A Quantum Computer
This is Huge: Scientists Successfully ‘Warp’ Time In The Lab, Based On Einstein’s Theory

2 november, 2022
Simulation Suggests 68 Percent of the Universe May Not Actually Exist

10 oktober, 2022
Quantum entanglement wins 2022’s Nobel Prize in physics

19 september, 2022
Big Bang may have created’mirror universe’ where time runs backwards

2 juli, 2022
Australian scientists put the quantum world on a microchip

3 mars, 2022
The true meaning of Einstein’s most famous equation: E=mc²

24 februari, 2022
White holes: What we know about black holes’ neglected twins

9 november, 2021
When light flashes for a quintillionth of a second, things get weird

30 maj, 2021
New nuclear fusion test overcomes “exhaust problem”

27 maj, 2021
Scientists find dark matter “bridges” that may reveal future of our galaxy

27 april, 2021
Warp drives: Physicists investigate faster-than-light space travel

21 april, 2021
Does science tell the truth?

4 april, 2021
Scientists may have found the secret to invisibility

10 september, 2020
The Big Freeze: How the universe will die

Gaze Upon the Brutal Beauty of Four Massive Black Holes About to Crash
How Max Planck Discovered Quantum Theory

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